What is NervRP?

The Most Realistic Roleplay Server of 2023!

  • NoPixel Inspired

    A server with a unique twist, but the comfort and functionality that everyone loves.

  • Active Staff

    A friendly and welcoming staff that is always ready to assist with any situation.

  • Community Focused

    More than just a FiveM server. We are a server of gamers, made by gamers, and for gamers.

An exceptionally unique experience just for you

Player Owned Logistics

All business owned by players, are managed by players. Business owners are able to hire their own employees to manage inventory.

Custom Cars / Custom EUP

Everyone likes to express themselves their own way. Nerv ensures this is possible by offering many custom cars with a wide variety of EUP options to suit every person.

Constant Updates

With a dedicated development team, constant updates, bug fixes, new features, and optimizations are being made all the time. 

Realism Is Everything

At NervRP, everything has been carefully created, designed, and tested to maximize realism. Immersion is key in making sure that the excitement continues regardless of the time spent. There is always something new to explore.

Our VIP Systems

Nerv makes sure to always have something extra for those who like to go above and beyond in supporting us. We take great pride in our VIP members and like to give back as much as possible.

Nerv Cases

For those who like to gamble, we offer cases that contain a random seletion of items:

  • Rare Vehicles
  • Rare/Custom EUP Items
  • Random Player Items
  • Random Weapons Not Purchaseable
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Miscellaneous Items to assist with one's journey:

  • Additional Character Slots
  • Custom License Plate
  • Custom Phone Number
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Dedicated Hosting

Reliability is important with any community. Therefor, Nerv (being a child of Intense Gaming) provides you the most up-time and constant live monitoring of all our server(s).

What People Say About Nerv

Everyone's opinion matters to us! We build off the feedback that we recieve.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some common issues and questions to assist you with your journey.

If you're particular situation or question is not answered here, please feel free to submit a ticket on our discord and we will do everything we can to assist you further.

Why can't I join the server?
If whitelisting is being used, be sure you are whitelisted before joining our server. Whitelisting allows us to make sure that only those truely dedicated to NervRP are using the assets provided to our players.

Otherwise, be sure to have discord and steam open before connection to Nerv Roleplay.

If you are still having issues connecting, contact staff on our discord.
How Many Players Can I Have?
By default, all players are allowed three (3) character slots. More can be purchased by visiting our Tebex page.
Why does it take so long to join the server?
Our server contains more than 500+ resources. Therefor, there is a lot to download your first time. However, once downloaded. we can assure you a quicker connection. We have a lot to offer and want to make sure that you have it readily available upon joining the server for the first time.

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